As a leading partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than 35 years, Don holds an extensive portfolio of leadership and business experience across national and international borders as a trusted advisor to clients on complex business and ownership opportunities focused on succession (business and ownership components of the harmonized system), business growth, people and change issues. A time-honoured member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, he has most recently become accredited as an Institute of Family Enterprise Advisor.

As counsel of EdmondsRose, Don offers experience as a focused advisor listening, leading and aligning business families, owners and business leaders on the complicated course of sensitive family, business and financial matters surrounding estate transfer, inheritance and succession.

In private practice for more than 20 years as a family therapist and mental health practitioner with a certified background in Family/Marital Counseling, Research and Psychoanalysis, as well as Doctoral Studies in the Philosophy of Social Work, Heather counsels families and individuals on harmonized relationships, personal and professional growth. The founder of RQ Inc. – a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary health care clinic, she holds a Masters of Social Work and Clinical Social Work, and is accredited as an Institute of Family Enterprise Advisor.
As counsel of EdmondsRose, Heather offers experience in applying proven psychological principals and theories to different types of relationships – be it between people or across generations. She offers processes for clients to build stronger relationships around estate planning, wealth transfer and conflict resolution. She is also called upon for lectures on Executive & Lifestyle Coaching, Leadership Development, Stress Management and Life Transitions.